Helping residents of Colchester and Tendering to move toward Net Zero

Community Energy Colchester have been successful in applying to the Climate Action Fund from Essex County Council.

Many thanks to @essex_cc for their support during the process. We will be using the £20,000 funding to install interim measures in households in Arlesford and Colchester.

From November 2022 we will be looking to install interim energy saving measures in at least 60 homes, these measures include the supply and fitting of: draft excluders around doors and windows, radiator reflectors, lining curtains and thin film secondary glazing. We’ll also help residents to understand their energy bills and how to reduce energy use and save money…

We will ask for a small donation (£20) toward the cost of the material and installation; in return you will receive an energy survey, an assessment of interim energy saving needs and installation on the same day.

Book your home visit:

Contact Christopher 07799494797

Community Energy Colchester in a registered Community Benefit Society (Cooperative, non-profit organisation) Reg 0008613.





Questions about; natural capital, energy saving, electric vehicles, the Garden Community! How to heat your home, how to stay warm this winter, PV solar panels or if you have ideas to share…

Would like to join the climate discussion and discover what it means to you as an individual in our community…

And move into action and get the help you/we to need to protect our people, place and planet.


  • If you are willing to donate up to 20% then the installation of interim energy saving measures we'll pay for the material and labour costs

  • Accessing grants and funding

  • Mold and damp advice

  • And much more…                                          

                                             Give us a call on our FRIDAY helpline 07799 494 797





We believe in sharing our knowledge and, where possible, making reports and other publications available to download. We hope you'll find the information here useful;


Join us in making a real difference, train as a volunteer advisor


Our lastest project is to work with a local hospital to install PV on their roof tops.

This project is expected to take 2 years to complete

We have completed roof top surveys

We have completed schematics

We are now developing the financial plan for the hospital which will be completed by the end of 2022.


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